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Lamanai Lodge - Martsam Tour & Travel

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Lamanai Outpost Lodge has operated as a jungle getaway since 1992 and is located on the skirts of one of Belize’s most impressive Maya Temples, Lamanai Outpost Lodge was built by Colin C. Howells who first spotted the location from the air. While flying over the temples he was stuck by the stunning fresh-water lagoon and immediately thought it the perfect site for a jungle lodge. What followed was a labor of love.

The 17 elegant thatch-roofed cabañas are cool, well ventilated and fully equipped with modern amenities such as 24-hour electricity, hot and cold water, mini-bar, and ceiling fan. We have 2 air conditioned cabañas and 7 lagoon front cabañas. Each has a verandah that provides a comfortable airy refuge overlooking the tropical gardens or lagoon.


Orange Walk Town Belize


  • Restaurant / Bar
  • Comfortable Thatch roofed, natural wood cabanas
  • Private Baths with Hot Water
  • Verandahs with Lagoon View

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